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Monster Legends Hack & Game Review: All About Monsters!


The Monster Legends game revolves around various kinds of monsters that have to be unlocked in the game. You need to breed, raise, and fight with the most powerful monster and win the battles. Raising monsters is not easy at all. You will have to build unique habitats for your monsters to live in and help them to hatch. So, get ready to achieve victory in the Monster Legends game.

Monster Legends Cheats and Game Features:

There are more than 400 monsters to unlock. Also, the developers of the game come up with new monsters every week so you are surely going to have a good time with innumerable monsters.
You can breed monsters that are of different rarities so that new species are formed.
There are several events in the game to be played, which will provide you with powerful monsters and various items. However, most of these events have limited time, so complete them quickly.
By battling at the special events, you will come across some unknown monster opponent.
Gold is the special currency of the game that can be earned by selling monsters and eggs, collecting from habitats, winning rewards, clearing meteorites, using Monster Legend Cheats etc.
By clearing meteorites and rubbles, you can also procure food and Gems.
Another way to earn food and Gold is from the Dragon Market.
Make plenty of friends in the game as you can take their help in gaining resources. You can even join Facebook and involve all your friends to play Monster Legends.
Each monster has specific strengths and weaknesses that cannot be changed. For instance, Water is strong against fire and weak against thunder. Similarly, Earth is strong against thunder and weak against dark. So, it’s important to research about these monsters before sending them for battles.
There are four basic habitats in the game and after unlocking them, you can put two monsters in each habitat.
Feeding your monsters with food is important to make them grow stronger. So, start farming and grow variety of crops for your monsters. As you reach new levels, you will even be able to upgrade your farms.
Gems are the special currency of the game, which is hard to procure. However, you can spend real-world money to buy Gems. An easy way to earn Gems is by logging to the game daily and completing the goals. So far the easiest way is gaining Gems by using Monster Legends Hack 2018
Whenever you are able to obtain Gems, save them for later as in the higher levels these Gems will come handy for upgrading and buying important resources.
Be patient and wait for the stamina to replenish or the eggs to hatch by themselves. This will help you to save the in-game currency for buying bigger things later in the game.


To conclude, Monster Legends is an engrossing and fun-to-play game. So, build your own monster island, breed some of the strangest creatures, and grow them to fight against enemy creatures in a battle arena also try to use Monster Legends Cheats. Believe me; you will surely have a great time! I would give the game 4 on 5 stars.

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