Monster Legends Special Attributes

Monster Legends Special Attributes

Special Attributes Of Monster Legends Game!

Welcome to the world of monsters in the most-popular Monster Legends game. In this game, you will become proud owners of some rare and powerful monsters. You need to feed, grow, breed, and do everything else to make them powerful so that they can win in the arena. Building habitats and temples is also a part of the game and for that you need to clear rocks, trees, and meteorites. Gold and Gems is the in-game currency and you will earn them by reaching new levels in the game or by combining our Monster Legends Hack 2017.

Various Levels In The Game:

The Monster Legends has an adventurous map where you can wander and battle against some powerful monsters. There are hundreds of levels to cross in the game, so the game is surely going to keep you busy for several days. Each level that you complete in the game will make you earn rewards like in-game currencies, experience points, and resources. At the end of every five levels, you have to fight with a boss monster. If you win the battle with the boss, then you will be rewarded with much higher rewards and experience points.

Numerous Places That Are Used In The Game:

  • Farms: You have to build farms for growing food to feed your monsters. Farms can be leveled up so that they can produce more food. In the beginning, you won’t be able to build several farms. However, as you keep progressing in the game, you can increase the number of farms. In the game, there are three kinds of farms – Normal, Big, and Huge.
  • Temples: To increase the levels of each monster, you need to build Temples. Make sure that you build Temples of each element as every monster will be placed to their respective element.
  • Arena: At the arena, you can fight with other monsters. The PvP battles will be fought for acquiring in-game currencies and resources.
  • metal habitatsHabitats: The Habitat is a place where your monsters will accommodate. Monster of each element will have to be placed at their respective habitat.
  • The Harbor: At the Harbor, you will be provided with an access to the adventurous map of the game. With the help of this map, you will be able to check all details of the game.
  • Breeding Mountain: At this place, you can breed and create baby eggs of monsters. These eggs should then be placed in their respective habitats for hatching.

How To Breed Special Monsters:

The most important and interesting concept of Monster Legends game is breeding. By breeding monsters of different elements, you will be able to create some powerful and rare monsters. Acquiring Legendary and Epic monsters is tough, so you need to keep breeding and trying in the game. Here are some examples of breeding Legendary and Epic monsters:

  • DarknubisWhen you breed Fayemelina and Darknubis monster, you get Darkzgul.
  • By breeding Drop Elemental and Erpham, the resulting monster will be Goldfield.
  • Rabidex and Tartarus will give you Thorder monster.
  • By breeding Rhynex and Darknubis, you will get Nemestrinus monster.
  • To acquire Vadamagma monster, you need to breed Skipples and Duchess together.
  • When you breed Genie and Mersnake, you will get Drop Elemental monster.
  • If you breed Genie with Beefcake, then the resulting monster will be Darknubis.
  • Electrex with Koopigg, will give you Musu monster.
  • Monster Legends Goldcore monsterBy breeding Electrex with Vixsun, you will get Goldcore monster.
  • When you breed Utochomp and Koopigg, you will either get Razfeesh or Fliploch monster.
  • By breeding Light Sphinx with Pyrook, the resulting monster will be Scorchpeg or Skipples.

Similarly, you can breed hundreds of different kinds of elements and acquire a powerful monster. These rare and unique monsters will surely help you in winning the game of Monster Legends.

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